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COOLINIT Confined Space Ready
Inspections & Condition Reports

The COOLINIT Corporation provides unsurpassed condition & inspection reports - comprehensive, detailed and thorough. Our inspections have helped to avert many potential disasters. 


Experienced clients have commented that our reports are The best they have ever seen ! 

Maintenance, Repairs & Thermal Upgrades

The COOLINIT Corporation was founded on a 40+ year history of providing comprehensive cooling solutions. We are a full service company offering decades of knowledge and hands-on experience performing detailed condition inspections, system analysis, repairs, thermal / efficiency upgrades, and consulting services.

We have erected, repaired and/or upgraded all types of water cooling equipment throughout North America.


We are equally adept working on cooling equipment constructed of wood, steel, fiberglass or concrete, We have successfully completed thermal upgrade projects on equipment as small as single cell units cooling 1,000 gallons of water per minute to large multi-cell units cooling 250,000 gallons per minute. 

Coolinit Axial Fan
Parts & Spares

The COOLINIT Corporation is extremely experienced with the design, characteristics, history, limitations and proper application of all the parts or components we supply.

We have improved the operating efficiency of entire plants by taking the time necessary to properly select the optimum product for the task at hand.


This all comes from EXPERIENCE !



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    The COOLINIT Corporation is strategically located in the northeast corridor and performs exceptional work throughout North America. We are general contractors specializing in the repair and optimization of water cooling equipment.


    As general contractors, we have completed turnkey installations including all the necessary engineering, excavation, masonry, electrical, mechanical, piping, fire protection systems and the construction of all ancillary structures. 



    The principals at COOLINIT Corporation have designed cooling tower components and concepts that are successfully marketed worldwide and used throughout the industry on a daily basis.

    Time and again, our leadership, knowledge, ingenuity and experience have proven to be of great value to our customers and the industry.


    Customers draw on our knowledge and experience while getting owner level attention, flexibility and on-the-spot decision making.

    We are extremely flexible and can rapidly adapt as any situation evolves. There is no need to call the office. Decisions and/or changes that are in the best interest of our customers can be made on the spot. This can be crucial - time is money- particularly during a plant outage.


    Put our ingenuity and experience - to work for you, you’ll find that we are big enough for any job, yet small enough to always provide that higher level of attention that is so important. 


    SAFETY is a top priority at COOLINIT and we are always eager to work alongside others with those same priorities.


    We are proud of the continual praise we receive for our extensive “Safety & Health Plan” and safety practices. Our wide-ranging field experience and an astute familiarity with our working environment only serves to enhance our ability to maintain an excellent safety record. 

We have an Unblemished Safety Record ! 

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Give us a call: (484)-994-4848
Parts & Materials


NEVER pay the manufacturers' list price!

    As a manufacturer, the COOLINIT Corporation is afforded substantial O.E.M. discounts off all the major manufacturers' list prices. Our buying power certainly helps you to obtain the lowest price for your replacement parts! Never pay list price!

    Give us a call or send us an email, with more than 40 years of experience in cooling tower component applications, the COOLINIT Corporation is highly qualified to provide you with the optimal parts for the best price!



Call - (484)-994-4848
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The COOLINIT Corporation is strategically located in the Northeast Corridor and performs top quality work in a safe and efficient manner throughout North America.
Corporate Office

For any inquiries and/or questions please call: (484)-994-4848 or fill out the following form.

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COOLINIT Corporation

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Give us a call: (484)-994-4848
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